Best 5 String Bracelets

Although bracelets are meant for wearing around the wrist as a part of the jewelries; there are other reasons as well. Whether it is their wedding or they are attending any banquet or social gathering, the girls adorn them with bracelets made of precious metals and gems. But there are other types of bracelets as well. Traditionally, some people believe that as the bracelets wrap around the wrist, these have the power to give all round protection from various evil effects. These are usually bracelets made of string. Sometimes these are also made with beads and these bracelets with beads are believed to bring success and good luck to the wearer. When these are gifted to anyone, then these are called friendship bracelets. Usually, these string bracelets are made of scarlet or red strings and are believed to usher good fortune on the wearer.

Here are reviews of five string bracelets

1. LUOS Handmade Kabbalah Red String Bracelet with Simulated Tiger Eye Bead

string bracelets4The adjustable bracelets Look pretty nice with their out of the box design. The hand weaving is also superb. This is a combo item with two string made bracelets; one red and another black. Length is around 3 inches and fits all. Have unisex design and so, can be worn by the guys and the girls as well. Quality of the string is good. If it gets wet while washing hands, it dries off pretty fast. Each of the string woven bracelets is provided with two 6 mm size tiger eye beads that slid up the wrist to keep the bracelet tight. These beads are believed to bring good fortune and success. Good stake for the price offered.

2. Handmade Kabbalah Red String Bracelet for Wealth and Love

string bracelets3These string bracelets are handmade from red strings and of knotted Kabbalah types of bracelets. The hand weaving is good; quality of fiber is also ok. No shredding of fibers observed even after prolonged wearing. These bracelets are provided with two soapstone beads at each end. Being drawstring type, the guys and girls of all wrist sizes can wear it. The beads are small, no botheration like hanging larger beads.  It delivers comfortable wearing. The charm on the bracelet is a symbol of happiness and the product is claimed to protect the wearer from the influence of negative forces and bestow good luck and love. This aesthetically pleasant bracelet is reasonably priced.

3. Red String Kabbalah Bracelet

string bracelets2Originally an item from Jerusalem, this is one of the pretty nice red string bracelets. This is available with a traditional prayer card with prayers in Hebrew and English for your understanding. The cotton made bracelet and charm are very nice. No metal clasp is included. The bracelet can be adjusted easily by pulling the two ends. It is made in macramé style in bright red color. Weaving is good. This is provided with a Hamsa hand that is believed to be symbolizing the hand of God. It is claimed that this protective sign brings good luck and success warding off the evil influences. This is reasonably priced and a good buy for those who believe in the claims.

4. Coolrunner Lot – Kabbalah Red String Bracelets

string braceletsAs per the Kabbalistic belief, it is said that wearing a red string around the neck can protect the wearer from the evil influences. This string made bracelet is made based on this traditional belief. This is a unique handmade bracelet with easy adjustment system. So, whether you have huge or thin wrist, the bracelet fits all; the guys and girls can wear it round their wrist. This does not stretch and delivers a comfortable wearing experience. No knots and so no worry of knots coming out. It is provided with a skull spacer bead. The product is claimed to promote health and bestows good fortune and wealth. It can be used as accessories for necklace. Great deal for the price offered.

5. Feng Shui Handmade Adjustable Bracelet for Good Luck

string braceletsThese red string bracelets are made based on Feng Shui principles.  Feng Shui is all about crating harmony with the surrounding environment. This is 100% handmade. It comes in vibrant red color that is believed to energize the wearer. The Betterdecor brand bracelet comes with two beads at the two ends. This fits all type of wrists and can be adjusted very easily. Don’t worry if it by chance get wet while washing; it does not take long time to dry up. The weaving of the bracelet is also very good and it delivers comfortable wearing experience even after prolonged wearing. It is meant for bringing good luck and can be worn by the guys and girls as well. A good buy at the price offered.